Setting up C3 Cloudfront Cache Controller


Get the following information on AWS Console.
  • CloudFront Distribution ID
  • AWS access key
  • AWS secret key

Setting up

 1. Log in to WordPress Dashboard

2. Navigate [AMIMOTO] → [CloudFront] 

Install and activate "AMIMOTO Plugin Dashboard" plugin if the menu isn't available.

Also, "CouldFront" menu is unavailable, install " C3 Cloudfront Cache Controller" plugin from AMIMOTO menu

3.  Initial setup

Input  CloudFront Distribution ID,  AWS Access Key, AWS Secret Key to the fields, then click [Update CloudFront Setting] to save changes.


That's all.

How to use

Click the [Flush all Cache] button to delete all CDN cache.

Refer to  How to use C3 Cloudfront Cache Controller for more details.