Easy WP SMTP plugin on AMIMOTO

Install Easy WP SMTP plugin to WordPress on AMIMOTO managed server to send mail from Gmail's SMPT server



1. Install and activate the plugin

Search easy-mail-smtp on plugin page on WordPress dashboard, then install and activate.

2. Configuration

2-1. Navigate [Settings]  -->  [Easy WP SMTP] 

2-2. SMTP Settings tab

  • From Email Address:   (eg.g: info@example.com
  • From Name: (e.g. admin, web master)
  • Force From Name Replacement: If checked, it set From Name to each mail.
  • Reply-To Email Address (optional):  Set address In-Reply-TO
  • SMTP Host: Specify SMTP server (e.g. smtp.example.com ,smtp.gmail.com )
  • Type of Encryption: Set encryption
  • SMTP Port: Generally, it will be 25  /465  /587. Ask your mail provider port SMPT number and its encryption type.
  • SMTP Authentication: Set auth type (No /Yes)
  • SMTP Username: Set user name for the SMTP server
  • SMTP Password: Set password for the SMTP server

That's all for setting up. Click [Save Changes] to save values.

3.  Test mail

Navigate to the [Test Email] tab and fill in the following field, then click [Send Test Email] 

  • TO
  • Subject
  • Message

That's all for setting up for this mail.