Adding SSH/SFTP user to managed server

To add additional users for your Amimoto server, you as the admin will need to add the new users pubic key to the list of authorized users. This is done using SSH in your terminal.

1. Ask the person who needs access to share their public key.

If they do not have a public key yet they'll need to create one.
For how to do that, I often refer to this guide on GitHub:

2. Upload the public key from that user to server

Using whatever method you're most comfortable with such as SCP or SFTP.

3. Add the users public key to the authorized keys.

Run the Linux cat command in append mode:

$ cat >> .ssh/authorized_keys

Paste the public key into the .ssh/authorized_keys file and then press Enter.

That user should be able to SSH into the server now without a password using the AMIMOTO user information.