6. Setting up a custom domain and going live with AMIMOTO Managed Hosting

To go live with your custom domain name and HTTPs you'll need to set up a CNAME or also known as an alias record.

This alias will allow us to mask your unique AMIMOTO domain with your custom domain name.

Log into your DNS Provider

Whether you're using Route53 on AWS, Network Solutions, Hover or one of the other many DNS and domain providers you'll need access to your DNS settings.

Adding a DNS New Record

You'll need to add a new CNAME record. The name of the record is the desired domain name, in our case it's www.example.com and your unique CloudFront URL as the value.

Name:  www.example.com
Type:  CNAME
Value: example123.cloudfront.net

Where / what's my CloudFront domain?

The domain you will need to create this CNAME record is located on the the main server settings page.

Setting up a staging site and testing

If you're setting a staging environment you can create a CNAME record for that staging domain name. For example if you were using, staging.example.com, you would need to request a cert for that domain, approve it and attach it.

After it's available and attached, you can update your DNS settings with the CNAME record and the staging domain you'd like to use.

Please note, you can always use the issues CloudFront URL as a staging domain name.

Going Live

In this example we are using https://www.example.com. To go live you'll need an approved certificate, attached to the site and finally update the DNS records.

If you have questions or experienced issues during this process, let us know!