Using phpMyAdmin on AMIMOTO

Enable and access phpMyAdmin on self-hosting AWS accounts using AMIMOTO-AMIs


  1. phpMyAdmin is available but disabled by default
  2. Modifying one in your config file will enable access to phpMyadmin
  3. You'll need SSH access to enable this.
  4. This already enabled for Managed Hosting customers

Enabling phpMyAdmin

You'll first need to log into your server with SSH access.

If you are self-hosting on AWS and you would like to access phpMyAdmin on AMIMOTO you need to modify the main NGINX configuration file.

Depending on your AMI version one of the following conf files are located in:

- default.conf

Most AMIs are set up with default.conf but your AMI may use the sites domain name such as

Look for the following around line 61

# include /etc/nginx/phpmyadmin;
location ~* /(phpmyadmin|myadmin|pma) { access_log off; log_not_found off; return 404; }

What does this code mean?

  1. The include  portion is commented out. That line calls a phpMyAdmin config file and it's currently disabled.
  2. The second line, location ~*... , tells NGINX to send any users trying to access the url to display a 404 or simply block it.

How to enable access to phpMyAdmin

  1. Remove the comment hash from the include phpMyAdmin
  2. Add a comment hash to the location block
  3. Restart NGINX
include /etc/nginx/phpmyadmin;
# location ~* /(phpmyadmin|myadmin|pma) { access_log off; log_not_found off; return 404; }

How to restart NGINX

$ sudo service nginx restart

Accessing phpMyAdmin

Then you can access to phpMyAdmin with

Please note the mix of capital and lower case. In this case it matters.

The login user and password of phpMyAdmin are the same to the database's one in wp-config.php.

You can enable phpMyAdmin to follow the steps below.

Disabling phpMyAdmin

We limit access to phpMyAdmin by default so the hosting environment is more secure. There are cases when it's requires but most of the time this feature can be disabled.

We recommend rolling back the changes and limiting access after your done or adding your personal IP to the allowed list so only you can access it from your local machine.