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Server migration without downtime


Pre-production launch

  1. [Customer]  Import data or develop web site on the CloudFront URL (e.g. abcd1234.cloudfront.net  ) until production launch.
  2. [DigitalCube] Set the customer's domain (www.example.com) and attach SSL to ALB (Application Load Balancer) to reduce downtime when changing DNS settings

Production launch

  1. [Customer]  Change domain's (www.example.com) DNS record to point ALB on DNS provider.
  2. [Customer]  Check applying DNS new record.
  3. [Customer]  Detach www.example.com  from ALIAS of your CloudFront.
  4. [DigitalCube] We set www.example.com  on our CloudFront as an ALIAS.
  5. [Customer]  Edit DNS record of www.example.com to point DigitalCube's CloudFront.