Refunds for Reserved AMIMOTO Self-Hosting Products on AWS

Requesting a Refund on AWS Self-Hosting

For customers Self-Hosting on AWS, refunds are processed and requested through the AWS Marketplace.

Refunds for reserved instances are available by request. We have limited access to customer information so if you could share the following info we can get that request started on your behalf.

Refunds for on-demand (hourly) instances must be submitted to AWS directly.

The Right Fit

If the Reserved AMIMOTO product you've purchased isn't the right fit, reach out and let us know why. Good customer feedback is crucial to help us build and maintain products that you enjoy, trust, and depend on.

If we can find the right product, help you with a fix, or help you get started just let us know!

Reserved Instance Request

Please share the following required information to help us begin your refund request.

  • User AWS Account Number*
  • Product ID*
  • Billing Period to Be Refunded*

AWS Marketplace seller refund request form