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Migrating your WordPress site to AMIMOTO

Required Data and files to migrate

  • All of files of WordPress
    any php files (e.g. wp-config.php) and any directory (e.g. wp-content )
  • Data of database which WordPress are using at current server
  • MySQL account information which WordPress will be installed to server (AMIMOTO).
    (On AMIMOTO Managed Hosting, WordPress is already installed, please check its wp-cofig.php to get MySQL account information.)

Migration steps

  1. Download all of WordPress files from the current server using FTP, SFTP or rsync. --(a)
  2. Export and download Database file form the current server --(b)
     Your current server accept SSH access and wp-cli installed, you can get sql file using $ wp db export command.
    If phpMyAdmin is installed, you can get it from Database export page.
  3. Copy MySQL account information (database,username,password,host) written in /var/www/vhosts/{your-domain}/wp-config.php  on AMIMOTO server. --(c)
  4. Upload copied data in (a) into /var/www/vhosts/{your-domain}/  on AMIMOTO server
  5. Upload dumped database file in (b) into /var/www/vhosts/{your-domain}/ on AMIMOTO server
  6. Edit MySQL account information from current to (c) in uploaded wp-config.php  in /var/www/vhosts/{your-domain}/  on AMIMOTO server
  7. Import database file into AMIMOTO server. On AMIMOTO, you can import database to DB server with $ wp db import {dumped-database-file.sql}  command, after SSH access to AMIMOTO.
  8. After database import is completed, check your website on AMIMOTO with changing A-Record of DNS or hosts file  in your PC/Mac.
    To edit hosts file, please check our document Logging into AMIMOTO AMI.