Migrating AMIMOTO AMI from T2 to T3 series

AMIMOTO AMI now supports the latest generation of AWS Ec2 Instances Types including C5, M5, and T3 series.

These types are available now for launch but if you have an exsting Instance running AMIMOTO AMI and would like to upgrade, follow these steps.

It's important to note while upgrading to these latest types that a few feature called ENA (Enhanced Network Adapter) is now available and so the steps may have changed. 

Check out an official document for more detail of ENA

Enabling Enhanced Networking with the Elastic Network Adapter (ENA) on Linux Instances - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud]

Note for HVM Users

Only HVM instance can change to  C5, M5, T3 series. If you're running AMIMOTO AMI PVM version, you should launch instance with these new series and migrate to them from the current.

Checking ENA availability 

Run the following command after SSHing to your instance.

If the instance returned following result, it already supports ENA and no need to update OS in the next step.

If the instance returned following error, it doesn't support ENA.
Goto  Updating OS step to enable ENA.

Updating OS

If the instance returns ERROR when run modinfo ena  command, upgrade OS with following commands.

We strongly recommend creating snapshot via AWS console or AWS-CLI for recovering if an update fails.

Reboot instance after the complete yum update.

SSH and run modinfo ena command to the rebooted instance to check ENA is supported.

Enabling ENA

After confirming OS supports ENA, let's enable ENA support option on the instance.

This operation should be done with AWS CLI (Command Line Interface).

Before staging, install AWS CLI.

Check official document for installing AWS CLI: Installing the AWS Command Line Interface - AWS Command Line Interface

1. Identify target instance ID on AWS console.

The sample instance ID is i-xxxxxxxx  on the following example of AWS CLI command, replace with your instance ID when you run it.

2. Stop instance for enabling ENA support.

Run the following command to do with AWS CLI.

In this sample, we trimmed any options or parameters like --region, add them if you need.

3. Enable ENA support 

4. Change instance type to new one after enabling ENA support.

We specify t3.micro on the following sample command with  --instance-type t3.micro, change it on your demand.

If you change to T3, it supports EBS optimised option. You can enable it with following command.

Check official document about EBS Optimize: Amazon EBS–Optimized Instances - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

5. Final step. Let's start the instance.

That's it!

Welcome to T3

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