Increasing performance with WordPress Popular Posts

Step 1. Accessing setting page of WordPress Popular Posts

Go to [Settings] → [WordPress Popular Posts].
Then click [Tools].


Step 2. Configure settings

Log limit

DisabledKeep data for 31 days
Changes log period.

WPP Cache Expiry Policy

Never cache → Enable caching
Enabling caching feature which will decreases server loads.

Refresh cache 

every 1 Day(s)
This option will be displayed  when you enable WPP Cache Expiry Policy.
You can set flushing cache cycle from every minute, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.
Note: Shorten cycle causes server load.

Data Sampling

By default, WPP store all of the access logs, it slows DB server, so let's enable data sampling feature to reduce DB server's load.

Before Changes

After Changes


Step 3. Save changes

Click [Apply] to save changes.


Step 4. Adjustment

Check your server load and adjust above settings.