How to require additinal authentication when changing some contract

Enabling Amimoto protection

1.  Login to Amimoto Dashboard

2. Click your profile icon top of the right of the dashboard.


3. Click "Account"

4. Navigate to "Account and Security"


5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

You'll see the "Prevent this contract from being changed "section.



6. Enabling protection

7. SMS has been sent to verify the changing

8. Copy Verification code

9. Paste it to the filed.

10. Click "Verify" to proceed

11. The feature has been enabled.

You'll need to verify SMS authentication to change plans or disable the features.


You'll be required SMS Authentication to

  • Add new servers or sites
  • Delete servers or sites.
  • Changing server plan.
  • Disabling the protect feature.