How do you charge Self-Hosted Amimoto AMI Hosting?

How do you charge Self-Hosted Amimoto AMI Hosting? Daniel Olson

Amimoto AMI hosting services is a straightforward server. Clients choose our services for our secure and speedy servers with no hidden charges and no concealed costs.

Our clients have individual and specific needs, so we let them pick what is ideal and most comfortable for them. Amimoto AMI server has two ways of billing clients:

  • Flat rate (monthly basis) – Managed Hosting
  • Pay-as-you-go (charged by the hour)

Self-hosted Amimoto is charged per hour which starts at USD$0.02. This is an estimate of USD$12.96 of cost per month – assuming 24 hours usage for 30 days.

The entire cost also depends on the following:

  • Your AWS region (some regions charge lower than the rest)
  • Instance size and volume (instance capacity and how many instances you have)
  • Optional Services added: Self-Hosted Amimoto has an optional service of SSL certificate which is USD$30.00/month (tax not included)
  • Extra Memory: For example, the smallest instance t2.micro has a 1 GB capacity. If you will exceed this, the cost is USD$0.10 /GB.

Please note that this is an estimate to show how Self-hosted clients get charged. You may always contact us through this contact form for any inquiries.